Friday, September 14, 2012

Minnesota Christmas

Itasca Community Chorus presents Minnesota Christmas Dec. 7 at Community Presbyterian Church and Dec. 9 at United Methodist Church in Grand Rapids. 

Director Cheri Troumbly and accompanist Cathryn Shields have selected holiday music by Minnesota's own composers and arrangers.  The choir is rehearsing music by Grand Rapids' own Brian Stubbs, Stephen Paulus, Matthew Culloton, C. Jennings, Jocelyn Hagen, Joshua Shank, Jerry Rubino, and Rene Clausen.  Alfred Burt's niece Abbie Burt Betinis continues the family tradition of giving a Christmas gift of music in "Run, Toboggan, Run."  The resonance and rhythm of the tune will set you thrumming as the  toboggan races down the slope toward hot cocoa, plenty of laughter, and fond memories of those energetic days of youth.

New members are welcome throughout September.  Itasca Community Chorus meets Tuesday evenings from 7-9:00 pm at Zion Lutheran.  For more information, contact Cheri Troumbly at 218-398-1794.

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