Saturday, April 11, 2015

Opportunity and Challenge!

So here we are in NYC with a fabuous director in Trey Jacobs. Our rehearsals have been 4 intense hours of good choral work with detailed instruction on how to enunciate so the audience can understand and shape each phrase so just listening to tone communicates deep grief, terror, etc.  We've learned about echo consonants among other techniques.  The soprano soloist uses these to the point where her final "pacem" is delivered like a kiss. 

The frustrating part is that my electronics are not connecting and I can not share the fabuous photos being taken by our singers and VIPS.  For a taste try Facebook and ask to befriend Glenna Tolrud.  She and Connie Daigle's daughter Linnea have been in constant motion and recording the highlights with their cellphones.  We're hoping to create a power point to show some of these at our home concert in Greenway Auditorium, Sunday, Aprill 26th at 4:00 pm.  Tickets are on sale or from Itasca Community Choir members:  $10 for adults with students and veterans free courtesy of a Lake Country Power Opeation RoundUp grant. 

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