Thursday, April 23, 2015

Sunday at Greenway Audtorium 4:00 pm

We've rehearsed and rehearsed so please join us for the concert.  You'll hear Dona Nobis Pacem, enjoy our small orchestra as it carries us through 38 minutes of unbelievably rich text and composition that addresses war, moves us toward reconciliation, and ends on the soprano's haunting plea for peace.  Soloists Loren Squires, baritone, and soprano Susan Loeffler sing like professionals.  Our orchestra is second to none and the choir itself has grown since that stellar spring concert last spring that launched our grand tour to Carnegie Hall in New York City.  At intermission we hope to share some of our best slides of our New York City time and we'd love to visit with you during the reception that follows the concert.  Tickets are free to children and veterans and only $10 for adults.  See you there!

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